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Welcome to Kwik-Kut

Classic American Made Kitchen Goods

Kwik-Kut Manufacturing produces quality, American-made kitchen goods. We have made our most popular product, the Tooth Edge Chopper, for over 80 years! We manufacture variations of this product as well as some custom made items. Our products can be found in hardware stores, kitchen shops, restaurant suppliers, and are also sold for fund-raising purposes.

I bought a chopper like this from a Church years ago. I have been using it almost daily ever since. It’s easy to use for salads. Chopped eggs for sandwiches and I use it to chop up my cornbread and biscuits for dressing. I loaned the old one to one of my daughters and haven’t seen it since. All of the other fancy choppers don’t measure up. I am so glad I found this one on Amazon. My go to place for anything I need.

Susie Clark

My mother has one of these that is 40+ years old. I have been looking for one for the last 20 years. I finally saw the Kwik-kut on the handle and boom, here is my very own chopper! Works great on nuts for baking and cleans up far easier than any of my electric choppers!

Jack Richards



Custom Sizes & Products

Looking for a different circumference? Do you need a special size to best suit your needs? We've been in the business of creating specialty items since the very beginning! Contact us to discuss design options.


Who We Are

In the early 1920's William and Dorothy Carter first started manufacturing the Food Chopper in their garage located in Ilion, NY. Originally marketed to non-profit organizations as a tool for fun raising, the Kwik-Kut Food Chopper soon became a household name in the Mohawk Valley. 

The business moved into a full working factory in 1955, in 1966 John Fitzer acquired Kwik-Kut after retiring from Remington Arms. Over the next few decades Mr. Fitzer created new products, increased production, and achieved nationwide distribution.  

In 1989 Kwik-Kut was purchased from John Fitzer by his daughter Mary Morse. As current owner / operator Mary has been able to continue Kwik-Kut's legacy while being a prominent member of the local business community. In 2011 Mrs. Morse was recognized by the State Senate as one of New York's "Women of Distinction", thanks to her efforts both in manufacturing and the local community.

The Kwik-Kut products are American Made by a group of dedicated employees at a production facility located in Mohawk, New York. We here at Kwik-Kut take great pride in manufacturing quality kitchen tools. We have a strong commitment to all of our employees, our community, and to fair business practices. Our policy is to sell to anyone, no order too big, no order too small!


Contact Us

125 Columbia Street

P.O. Box 116
Mohawk, NY 13407

PH: 800.711.2960

FX: 315.866.2654

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